MAGIC BALLOON is an all-time favorite bubble plastic toy for both boys and girls, suitable for ages 6 and up. Explore a variety of Bilipo models for endless fun!

About Us

At Bilipo, we’re not just a brand; we’re a dynamic presence in the Chinese market, delivering a diverse range of premium blow-up bubble toys. Our deep understanding of the toy industry has allowed us to craft innovative, high-quality products that promise endless fun. Here are some key facts about us:

Since 2012: We've been creating magical toys for over a decade.

Toysrus Partner: Find our magic balloons at Toysrus stores in China since 2014.

CE Certified: Our magic balloons are CE certified for quality and safety.

US and EU Compliant: We adhere to the strict safety standards of both the US and EU.


What makes Bilipo unique is our relentless focus on innovation in magic balloons. Our mission is to bring fun to kids worldwide.


We operate our factory to produce magic balloon paste, ensuring high-quality end products.


Our art team creates packaging designs tailored to various market segments.


We are dedicated to building brand recognition and customer loyalty, resulting in higher margins.


We collaborate closely with distributors, assisting them in developing winning market strategies.



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Market Feedback

Pinga Lee Senior Manager

The appealing packaging of Bilipo and its superior quality set it apart as my customers’ preferred option among similar products.

Jack Sun Purchasing Specialist

I have worked with Bilipo for 10 years. Bilipo's bubble products are a key driver of our sales growth. Their innovation keeps our customers coming back for more.

Zhenhua Lu Associate Manager

Our customers are delighted with Bilipo's bubble toys. The unique designs and top-notch quality make them a top choice.

Xiaonan Qin Sourcing Manager

Bilipo's bubble toys have helped us expand our customer base. The variety and appeal of their products are unmatched.

Derick Qian Purchasing Director

We're excited about the future with Bilipo. Their support, innovation, and high-quality products have elevated our business to new heights.

Yan Zhong Buying Manager

The safety standards Bilipo adheres to are impressive. We can confidently offer their products to our customers, knowing they meet the highest standards.

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